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Talking Freight: Best Practices in Industry and Government Coordination for Developing Truck Parking Solutions
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 5:00:00 PM UTC - 7:30:00 PM UTC
Truck parking availability is one of the major issues facing both the trucking industry and transportation-focused governmental agencies.  In many locations around the U.S., particularly near large metropolitan areas and along major truck route corridors, there is a significant shortage of available truck parking at certain times of the day, particularly during overnight hours.  This lack of dedicated truck parking forces many truck drivers to park on roadway shoulders and/or unused lots, decreasing the safety for both the drivers and other vehicles on the road.  Additionally, it can force truck drivers to park further away from their next pickup or delivery location, which increases the likelihood those drivers will get stuck in and/or inadvertently help increase congestion during peak driving times for all vehicles.  The truck parking availability issues cannot easily be addressed by any one stakeholder group; only a coordinated approach that involves all or most of the impacted parties and examines various possible standard and/or innovative solutions.

This webinar will discuss some of the various truck parking coordination efforts taking place between trucking and truck parking industry stakeholders and state, regional, and local government stakeholders to identify and develop truck parking solutions.  Many of those solutions have been identified by the National Coalition on Truck Parking’s State, Regional, Local Government Coordination Working Group.

State DOT Perspective on Prioritizing Truck Parking
This presentation will discuss how Arizona Department of Transportation set aside freight funds for truck parking, and used data to determine where parking shortages existed. The presentation will also discuss successful coordination with stakeholders. 
•	Charla Glendening, Arizona Department of Transportation, Assistant Manager of Planning and Programming 

MPO Perspective on Integrating Truck Parking into Planning 
This presentation will discuss how the Boston MPO integrated truck parking into their planning process.  
•	Bill Kuttner, Central Transportation Planning Staff, Boston MPO, Traffic Analysis and Design 

MPO Perspective on Integrating Truck Parking into Freight Plans 
This presentation will examine the how the Memphis MPO took stakeholder feedback on truck parking and integrated it into its Regional Freight Plan.  
•	Pragati Srivastava, Memphis Tennessee MPO, Program Administration, Long Range Planning, Regional Coordination, Policy Initiatives

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