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Planning NPRM Webinar
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 4:00:00 PM UTC - 7:00:00 PM UTC
This webinar has been added due to the high level of interest in the June 13th Planning NPRM webinar, and it will simply present the same content a second time to accommodate as many stakeholders as possible.

The NPRM proposes revisions to the regulations governing the development of metropolitan transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas, State transportation plans and programs, and the congestion management process.  MAP-21 continues many provisions related to transportation planning from prior laws, but also introduces transformational changes and adds some new provisions. The NPRM proposes the following changes to statewide and nonmetropolitan and metropolitan transportation planning:

1. Performance-Based Planning and Programming - The MAP-21 transforms the Federal-aid highway program and the Federal transit program by requiring a transition to a performance-driven, outcome-based program that provides for a greater level of transparency and accountability, improved project decisionmaking, and more efficient investment of Federal transportation funds.

2. New Emphasis on Nonmetropolitan Transportation Planning - MAP-21 places a new emphasis on the importance of nonmetropolitan transportation planning.  The MAP-21 requires the States to work more closely with nonmetropolitan areas.  It also gives States the opportunity to designate RTPOs to help address the planning needs of the nonmetropolitan area of the State.   Fosters further collaboration between individual State DOTs and MPOs by requiring them to coordinate with each other when establishing performance targets.

3. Additions to the Metropolitan Planning Process - The MAP-21 made two changes specific to the metropolitan planning process - one change affects the policy board structure of large MPOs, and the second establishes a process for scenario planning.  Both of these changes would support the effective implementation of a performance-based planning process.

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