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Soils and Foundations for Local Agencies and Tribes
Tuesday, May 24, 2022 7:15:00 PM UTC - Monday, May 24, 2032 8:15:00 PM UTC
This course will cover basic information on soils and foundations. It has a focus on geotechnical issues in the real world and emphasizes the role of the materials engineer. Materials engineers should be asking questions, collaborating, and viewing other perspectives in all aspects of geotechnical work. They should know when to ask for help and ask for it when needed. 

As engineers, we are interested in the geology of the project site as well as what the science of geology can tell us about rocks and soils on the site. We want to know the origin of rocks and soil and how the processes that formed them may influence their engineering properties. We will use that information to make design and construction decisions on our transportation project. 

To ensure the construction of a well-designed pavement structure, geotechnical input is key. From a structural standpoint, stiffness/strength and drainage are key factors for road design—both of which are affected by soils and foundations. 

This course is intended for a variety of positions within local agencies and tribal governments, with an emphasis on the role of the materials engineer, as well as those providing input and information in support of geotechnical work. It’s important to note that the target audience is primarily professionally certified engineers with a great deal of prior knowledge and expertise.

Training includes: 

1.	Geology and Transportation
2.	Geotechnical Project Development
3.	Embankments and Slopes
4.	Pavements

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