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UPDATED! CCAM Program Inventory - A Call to Coordination
Thursday, February 13, 2020 7:00:00 PM UTC - 8:30:00 PM UTC
This webinar has been updated and will occur in a new location. https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/fta-ccam1/event/login.html 

Personal mobility is essential to the success of America’s residents, communities, and economy. Transportation enables mobility by connecting individuals to jobs, healthcare and services, and opens the door to opportunity. Despite its significance, millions of Americans lack access to reliable transportation due to disability, income, or age. Agencies across the government administer 130 Federal programs that may fund transportation services for people with disabilities, older adults, and individuals of low income. However, these transportation services can be costly and fragmented due to lack of interagency collaboration. Together, the CCAM partner agencies are hosting a webinar series to increase local, State and Federal coordination to enhance accessible, efficient transportation options for the target populations.   

Webinar Objectives:
1.) Bring diverse networks together to learn from Federal program managers
2.) Address the most prevalent barriers to transportation coordination, gathered through the 2018 CCAM State and Local Focus Groups. Top perceived barriers to transportation coordination:
o	Limited awareness of opportunities for coordination:  Many Federal funding recipients are unaware of the full range of opportunities for transportation coordination in their communities.
o	Difficulty engaging local stakeholders:  Federal funding recipients find it difficult to maintain the many community partnerships needed to coordinate transportation.
o	Program restrictions for coordination:  Federal program requirements restrict or disincentivize Federal funding recipients from pursuing transportation coordination partnerships and initiatives.
o	Insufficient incentives to encourage coordination:  Without compelling incentives, Federal funding recipients are unwilling to coordinate transportation.
o	Limited Federal guidance on the parameters of coordination:  Stakeholders need additional guidance from the Federal government to know how to remain in compliance with Federal law when coordinating transportation.

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